Our Company is committed to ensuring the safety of all stakeholders and undertaking best environmental practice. To achieve these aims we have introduced ways to track and continuously improve our performance, including:

  • Real-time maintenance and pre-start systems to ensure our vehicles are maintained in the best possible condition and any faults are reported promptly;

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle speed and idling to optimise vehicle safety and efficiency, and to minimise emissions;

  • Fully online health, safety, environment, and quality management system;

  • Digital hazard and incident reporting system with access for all staff and contractors;

  • Accreditation with the TruckSafe standards of the Australian Trucking Association;

  • Mass Management and Fatigue Management accreditation with the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme;

  • Vehicle safety audits;

  • Online contractor management system

  • eLearning system to ensure all are staff are appropriately trained.

A copy of our Company’s Work Health and Safety Policy is available on request.